The Island of Survival, Jeju

Jeju, the biggest island of Korea, is so significant and symbolic that we can call it a barometer of the current state of nature and environment. Hae-nyos (woman divers) who save the ocean, activists who collect sea garbage, and vegans who try to stop excessive food processing and slaughters – In Jeju, people from many different groups are minimizing contamination and destruction, and suggesting alternative ways to live together. We collected the films depicting current environmental issues through what’s happening in Jeju, and people at the forefront to solve those issues.
KIM Dong Hyun (Danny)
Korea, 2023, 70min
KIM Moonkyoung, HEO Seong
Korea, 2022, 22min
Hanna Park
Korea, 2022, 24min
WOO Kwanghoon
Korea, 2023, 30min
KOH Heeyoung
Korea, 2022, 92min