The Foods We Love

Wheat, barley, coffee, grapes…  One of the most effective ways to warn people in the contemporary world must be to remind them of the fact that their most favorites could go extinct sooner than they think. The impoverishment of vineyards and barley fields caused by rapidly changing climate indicates that the future of wine business with a trillion won market in Korea alone and increasing breweries are not that promising. The films in this section show abundance of our darling foods, such as ramen, bread, and coffee. However, they paradoxically ask the viewers to contemplate on the fact that these foods so close to our everyday lives are actually in danger under the climate crisis. 
Harald Friedl
Austria, Germany, 2020, 98min
Friedrich Moser
Austria, Belgium, 2019, 90min
Christian Canderan
Italy, 2021, 90min
Lori Miller
USA, 2022, 85min
Alexander Kinnunen
Denmark, 2020, 75min
Masato Kobayashi
Japan, 2021, 91min