Special Screening: Eco Creator

Eco Creator is a combination of eco and creator and is used for people who partake in eco-friendly creative activities through diverse mediums. K-Green Foundation works with GS Retail to support these Eco Creators who deliver environmental messages through moving images. The goal is to nurture the next generation of Eco Creators that are aware of the seriousness of the climate crisis and will bring about change as well as diversifying education on the environment. Following the first batch of Eco Creators in 2019, K-Green Foundation has worked with 139 Green Leaders including young people interested in the environment and filmmaking, NGOs, and YouTubers to produce 76 videos dealing with topics such as the climate crisis, waste, resources, and urban development. Six awarded works produced by young Eco Creators will have a special screening at the 19th Seoul International Eco Film Festival.
Korea, 2021, 7min
Korea, 2019, 12min
The Scope
Korea, 2020, 18min
Korea, 2020, 9min
BAE Si-un
Korea, 2019, 9min
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