Being one of the key programs of Seoul International Eco Film Festival, this section is for the films that explore how the enterprises suggest sustainable business methods and services to solve the environmental and social issues, or which roles they can play in the environmental crisis the world is facing now. From the small-scale farmers producing natural wine in the soil-friendly way, to the company trying to replace fossil fuel with marine resources, their attempts to work sustainably are evolving professionally in various angles. Concern about the environment should be firmly settled not only as a progressive business management strategy, but also as a belief, tradition, and eventually as an ordinary culture.
Kilian Armando Friedrich, Tizian Stromp Zargari
France, 2023, 73min
Mary Helena Clark, Mike Gibisser
USA, 2023, 80min
Karl Malakunas
US, Philippines, UK, Australia, Hong Kong, 2022, 94min
Alastair Evans
Hongkong, 2022, 100min
Jennifer Baichwal
Canada, 2022, 96min