Environmental, Social, and Governance

ESG is becoming a new standard to evaluate the entrepreneurial value. Companies are asked to have certain responsibility relating to environment, society, and governance. And the investors should take it as a new investment standard. Under the neo-liberalistic system, the enterprises exploit the natural resource, ruin the environment, and sometimes even violate human rights. How should the enterprises change? Is it possible to reconcile two conflicting values, profit seeking and being eco-friendly, and achieve a sustainable growth?

In ‘ESG’ section, we meet a success story of an enterprise, which achieves RE100 and sets a goal not only to reduce the carbon emission but also observe it back, and more entrepreneurial attempts to minimize negative effects on nature and community, and to promote ethical production and consumption (Beyond Zero, Seeding Change: The Power of Conscious Commerce). The films like Solutions, We Dream of Robots, and How to Kill a Cloud open up discussions how enterprises, government and science overcome together the threatening problems of politics, economics and environment.

The films that examine the reality with rather cool-headed voices are also introduced. The Dark Side of Green Energies and Devil Put the Coal in the Ground show how the solutions for climate crisis suggested by companies can create new problem to the environment, and the examples of the areas destructed by profit-seeking industrial power. Bright Green Lies suggests that the change of the current paradigm can be the only way to save mankind in the age when everything but infinite economic growth and wealth making is being demolished.

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