‘ECOmmunity’ showcases the films that closely observe various communities and the relation between the human and nature under particular circumstances.

Invisible Demons shows serious air pollution and the effect of climate change that nearly 30 millions of people in Delhi, India are baring everyday. Magaluf Ghost Town invites us into the everyday lives and anxiety of the people in a town in Mallorca, which becomes a town of pleasure with people flocking in from Europe in the vacation season and turns into an empty ghost town when the season is over. A Tale of Old Cities discusses about sustainable city renewal instead of indiscrete development while The Steel Boat visits a leper colony which has become a quiet and welcoming healing community leaving the past scars behind. From In the Sky Where Seasons Pass By with riotous daily lives of a small village school, The Fading Nomads, the settlement chronicle of nomads who used live freely in the plains of Mongolia, and Poets’ Window that depicts the time passing out of the window of an artist residency in a beautiful nature, to Kitty-Chatter, a story of a grandma and the cats rolling around in her sunny yard and OSHIKA Winds of Change that shows warm-hearted mountain village people unite to fight against the authority trying to destroy the mountain, the films in this section provides with various viewpoints on the relation between our lives and the surrounding spaces and nature.

JO Eunsung
Korea, 2021, 83min
KIM Ji-gon
Korea, 2021, 74min
KIM Jeonhan
Korea, 2021, 70min
KIM Myoungyoon
Korea, 2021, 89min
Miguel Ángel BLANCA
Spain, 2021, 93min
Britt RAES
Belgium, France, Netherlands, 2022, 13min
KIM Bon Hee
Korea, 2022, 20min
Rahul JAIN
India, Finland, Germany, 2021, 70min
KO Hanbul
Korea, 2021, 103min
WEI Shengze
China, 2021, 76min