Program Events

Director’s Message (DM)

Greetings and comments on the films from our international filmmakers.

* Date: June 2 (Thu) ~ June 8 (Wed), prior to each screening.

Guest Talk (GT)

Q&A session with the Korean Competition filmmakers.

  • Location: MEGABOX Seongsu 1




Eco-Talk (ET)

Environment experts’ advice and stories related to subject of films.

Let’s Put an End to Plastic Pollution!
How can we solve the plastic problem?

  • Date: June 3 (Fri) 14:00, after screening of The North Drift
  • Location: Megabox Seongsu 2

Talk with Eco Creators

Young directors share the behind the scene stories of environmental video production. 

Eco-Forum (EF)

Discuss various environmental topics treated in the films with expert panelists.

Global Youth Climate Forum
Stories of climate crisis from global young leaders who will make the future.

  • Topic: The future proposed by the climate crisis generation
  • Date: June 4 (Sat), after screening Bigger Than Us 
  • Location: Megabox Seongsu 2