Delicious Movie Theater

A special program to share thoughts with festival guests over dishes served in films!
@Seoul Cinema 10F & 1F KEY-HALL

MAY 26(Sun): Every Day a Good Day

12:00~13:40 — Screening Every Day a Good Day / Seoul Cinema 10 (6F)
14:00~15:00 — Tea Therapy & Talk Program / Seoul Cinema KEY-HALL (1F)

Noriko at twenty still hasn’t decided what she wants to do. By chance, she begins attending a Japanese tea ceremony classes which naturally becomes a part of her daily life. The warm tea provides comfort at times when she is turned away from a job opportunity, or when she suffers from losing a loved one.

After screening Every Day a Good Day, we prepare warm Matcha and desert: Tea Therapy. We also have small class about tea culture of Korea, China and Japan. 

a companion MATCHACHA
As the first Korean brand specializing in matcha, MATCHACHA started out from the adventurous spirit to venture out to each corner of Korea in a quest to find the best quality local matcha. The brand introduces a lifestyle centered around matcha that values the peaceful moment of enjoying tea, and the happiness of small things which encourages focusing on the inner self and finding your own ritual of relaxation.

This program has an entry fee of 25,000 Won and requires reservations in advance.
Reservation bookings start on May 13
th, and the website for session booking will be announced at a later date.