Cinema Greenteen

Cinema Greenteen is SIEFF’s unique program that shares the importance of the environment with children and teenagers through environmental films that combine educational value and fun. With the aim of nurturing green leaders for a sustainable earth, Cinema Greenteen has been providing environmental films and hands-on education to the youth including the underprivileged since 2012. Along with interesting and instructive environmental films, practical environmental education is also available through hands-on workshops and video content.

We hope this will be a good opportunity for future generations to broaden their environmental sensitivity


1) All schools, pre-teen and teenage groups
2) Individuals under 19 years of age


June 2 (Thu) ~ June 8 (Wed)


Preliminary: March 22 (Tue) – April 1 (Fri)
Main: May 2 (Mon) – May 8 (Sun)
May 12 (Thu) – May 17 (Tue)

Screening Info

Online Screening

Watch films within 24 hours after register for digital cinema, from June 2 (Thu) to June 8 (wed)

Let’s eco, Rest eco 온라인 환경 체험 프로그램

#1 SIEFF’s Studio

Eco Art Video Content with Eco Artists

1) The Environment Pops up! Upcycle Discarded Books

An old book you no longer read turns into a cool pop-up book? With Junk Artist AN Sun Hwa, the environmental art education program allows you to express yourself and play with books at the same time.

2) Decorate Homes, Protect the Environment!

Let’s make upcycled home decors with Eco Artist AN Hea Kyung! Learn to appreciate upcycling by reinventing used items as decent home decors.

* SIEFF’s Studio is an online program.
* PLAY ECO! and SIEFF’s Studio will be released on the SIEFF’s YouTube channel on June 4.


Appreciate the Environment by Our Own Hand

1) A Letter to the Earth

Grow your own plant with seed paper and experience nature in your daily life. You can also feel the importance of the environment anew by writing down your feelings for the Earth on the letter paper enclosed with it. The seeds with your heart will grow and bring great joy to you and to the Earth.

2) We are Small but Important

We are small in population, but still important! Learn the value of upcycling and endangered animals by making endangered animal dolls with PLAY 31, which makes eco-friendly play tools.


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