Plastic can be appealing. Can you think of any other material in the world that is light, waterproof, and even easy to make into any shape you want? However, plastic that we have been using mindlessly only for our convenience is making the Earth diseased. Now is the time to act.

#1 Upcycling Fashion Exhibition

Are you aware that it costs 2,700 liters of water to make a T-shirt? The faster fashion cycle we have, the more ailing the Earth becomes. Companies all agree on the need for eco-fashion, but few have found a clear solution. Then why don’t we step forward and change the consumer trend now? Don’t throw away your hardly-worn or outdated clothes. Repurpose them with your creativity and individuality. They can turn out to be your own fashion work and one-and-only design in the world.

Project with Space Omae A cultural and artistic haunt for creators

#2 Virtuous Cycle of Resources

No matter how well-made clothes are, the clothes will be bunt unless they aresold in three years. Industrial waste such as airbags, and old military supplies willalso eventually be incinerated if they cannot be made use of. However, withour consideration and efforts, they can be repurposed in a new form and new value.What a wonderful surprise! Join us to experience the virtuous cycle. You don’thave to be an artisan. All you need is your attention to the environment.

Project with RE;CODE An upcycling fashion brand leadingsustainable fashion culture.


In order to have a healthy life, the Earth we are living in must be healthy. In NO MOREPLASTIC, we collect and introduce ecobrands that value sustainable consumptionand green life habits that are friendly to the Earth. If you have empathy for theenvironment but don’t know what to do, just give ear to the brands’ stories in NOMORE PLASTIC. Discover items from the Earth protectors.

#4 Green Influencer Declaration

A combination of “green” and “influencer,” a green influencer! It sounds like a title onlyfor trendsetters? That’s not true. If you use a tumbler instead of a disposable cup,and try to reduce paper usage in the office, now you are a green influencer! You canfind useful tips through environmentally themed books and listening to experiencesof “green seniors.” Today is the first green day for you!