ALL-LIVE : Outdoor Screening With Companion Animals

No one owns the earth. Humans, animals, and plants all have an equal right to enjoy this land. We dream of a moment where all life sees each other not as resources, but as fellow beings. Enjoy the festival of coexistence in early summer at Seoul Forest.

June 6th (Tue) 18:30 – 21:30

Seoul Forest Outdoor Stage (273, Ttukseom-ro, Seongdong-gu, Seoul)

May 15th (Mon) – until full

How to Apply
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Outdoor Screening with Companion Animals

Screening <Cats of Malta>
Cats of Malta is a documentary that gives a voice to the cats on the island, allowing them to express the unique and affectionate cat culture exclusive to Malta. The praise for cats through the perspectives of various local residents, from volunteers to artists, is also very enjoyable.

Experience Programs

1) Making Upcycled Tug Toys

Make your own upcycled tug toy for your companion animal. Bring six pairs of old socks that you no longer wear and make a cute toy that can also be used as a keyring!

2) Companion Animal Caricature Drawing

Capture your companion animal in a caricature. The drawings will be drawn using recycled crayons on the back of the 2022 SIEFF poster.

Program Events

Courageous Green Festival

The SIEFF aims to be a green festival that practices zero carbon emissions and zero waste. Enjoy our green festival with your companion animal. Share pictures of coffee in your tumbler or snacks in a container on Instagram with the hashtags and get gifts. (hashtags: #SIEFF #SeoulInternationalEcoFilmFestival #SIEFF20thAnniversary)


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